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5 ways to improve remote performance evaluations

January 22, 2021

Via: Chief Learning Officer

As we enter a new year, organizations continue to adjust to the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, including an extension of work-from-home policies for many employees. As more time goes on between “what used to be” and “the new normal,” […]

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Written Communications and Promotions

January 19, 2021


While trying to keep the spirit of your question, I’ve made some corrections to your letter, and I hope you find them helpful. Your letter shows me that your written communication skills could be stronger. You’ll find this column useful […]

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Welcome, 2021. Let’s Talk …

January 6, 2021

Via: HR Hero

While watching college football over the holidays, I was treated to a humorous commercial titled “A Match Made in Hell.” The short plot went like this: Satan (a highly costumed actor portraying the lord of the damned) had gone […]

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Employee Attrition: All You Need to Know

January 5, 2021

Via: Evil HR Lady

There are very few people who begin and end their careers in one company. Most people move on after a time, or the company forces them to move on with an involuntary termination. People leaving organizations seems like a quite […]

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Manager Training: Common Questions About Remote Work Productivity

December 15, 2020

Via: HR Hero

Millions of employees across the country have been working remotely for many months now, due to the coronavirus pandemic. This has represented a massive change for businesses and their staff members, and understandably, it has come with numerous logistical and […]

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Creating a secure employee experience in unstable times

December 14, 2020

Via: HR Dive

Asking for feedback and acting on it is the single most important thing companies can do to improve their employee experience as well as the company’s ability to adapt and thrive. This has always been a key ingredient for good […]

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This Former High-School Teacher Emphasizes the Importance of Establishing Multiple Feedback Channels, Even Remotely

December 9, 2020

Via: Entrepreneur

For many companies, the end of the year means performance reviews. Like other interactions these days, many of these reviews will be done via video call. While a computer screen can make giving feedback feel awkward, it’s critical for employees’ […]

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Cutting Out ‘Long-Shot’ To-Do List Items

November 24, 2020

Via: HR Hero

For many worldwide, forced isolation and the elimination of normal recreation and social activities mean more time to focus on long-ignored action items, meaning it’s time to revisit and revamp the to-do list. In general, many people maintain running lists […]

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Proceed with Caution When Remotely Monitoring Employees in the EU

November 20, 2020


One effect of COVID-19 has been a sharp increase in businesses’ use of remote surveillance solutions to protect corporate resources and monitor the productivity and behavior of employees working away from the office for the foreseeable future. Although such tools […]

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The Value of ‘Lessons Learned’ Meetings

November 12, 2020

Via: HR Hero

No project works out exactly as planned. There are generally plenty of examples of things that could have gone better. On the positive side, there are also often examples of things that went better than expected. Unfortunately, companies and teams […]