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Faces of HR: Kristen Kenny on Empathy, Building Culture & Instilling Values

February 23, 2023

Via: HR Hero

In undergrad, Kristen Kenny studied teaching and business management. She was still considering her options one summer when she started working as a Recruiting Coordinator at Fidelity Investments. Although she had found the role via a temp agency, Kenny would soon find out that there was nothing temporary about her serving in HR.

Suffice it to say, Kenny enjoyed the work so much that she returned each summer, and after graduation, ended up joining the company full-time. After a few years working at Fidelity, a colleague invited her to join the team at a high-growth startup and that’s where her passion for HR and high intensity environments was set aflame. Since then, she has served at 10 high-growth startups and been involved in four IPOs.

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