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Help Your Team Navigate the Great Reset with Investments in Learning and Growth

This has been a year of extremes in the labor market. To start 2021, Sales Talent Agency reported there were 47,000 more sales jobs posted at start-ups than there were people to fill them. Now, there are 12,000 more candidates than open sales roles.

The Great Resignation saw millions of Americans leave their jobs, fed up with workplaces that offered few opportunities to grow and created cultures of stagnation. Now, we are perhaps in the midst of a Great Reset, as TechCrunch coined it. As venture capitalists pull back on funding, the flood of cash we’ve seen enter the market the past few years is no longer. Inflation is surging, executives are under pressure to produce profitability, and already we’ve seen layoffs across major tech companies, including Netflix, Better, Hopin, and many more.

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