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Irvine, Calif. Boasts New Protections for Hotel Workers

November 18, 2022


In what some may consider an unexpected development, the City of Irvine, Calif. is set to implement a new ordinance that will require Irvine hotels to follow stringent workplace safety rules for their employees.

The ordinance parallels the hotel worker protection ordinances already passed by other cities, such as Los Angeles and West Hollywood. On Oct. 25, the Irvine City Council passed its first reading of the Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance, which requires hotels to provide personal security devices to their workers and adhere to specific workload limitations for room attendants, among other things. Although the ordinance is subject to a second reading before it becomes effective, Irvine hotels should prepare as soon as possible. If and when the ordinance is passed, certain components will go into effect within 30 days.

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