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Employee Engagement Drops for First Time in 10 Years

February 4, 2022


When it comes to employee engagement, America is in a slump. In 2021, employees reported feeling less engaged in the workplace than in previous years. Coupled with the continuing exodus of the Great Resignation, human resource professionals have their work […]

Development & Evaluation, Engagement

Beyond the Numbers: Creating a Truly Diverse Organization

January 21, 2022


Experts in diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) agree that the long-term success and sustainability of a DE&I initiative depends on an organization’s ability to create an environment in which everyone’s voice is heard and every employee is treated fairly and […]

Workplace wellness

Don’t Let Mental Health Support Weaken Post-Pandemic

November 29, 2021


During the first year of the pandemic, employees and company leaders were largely in agreement about the need to prioritize mental health. However, as the economy recovers and the pandemic starts to wind down, senior leaders and employees may soon […]

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Three Reasons to Unmask Your Anonymous Employee Surveys

February 11, 2019

Via: HR Hero

Organizations that continuously motivate employees to reach their business goals faster than those that don’t. This makes developing an engaging, performance-based employee environment the primary aim of forward-thinking HR leaders. The number one characteristic of successful teams is trust. People […]

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Viewpoint: Why Showing Gratitude to Employees Is as Important as Generating Revenue

January 2, 2018


In business, there are two things you can’t have enough of. The first one is obvious: revenues. Ask any business owner or salesperson, and they will share with you that their work seems like an endless pursuit of an ever-increasing […]