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Understanding the Importance of Employment Branding During Uncertain Times

April 30, 2020

Via: HR Hero

Employment branding, aka employer branding, refers to influencing how your organization is perceived as an employer. Employers put a lot of effort into ensuring their organization is well positioned and has a good reputation. Doing so can significantly affect the […]

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Battling for Talent? Show That Your Jobs Offer More Than Pay

September 19, 2019

Via: CEB

To attract talent in today’s hypercompetitive market, make sure to communicate all the ways a job can meet the needs of sought-after applicants. Gartner research shows that more than half of HR leaders say they’re having more trouble today attracting […]

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How to Handle Negative Reviews on Employer Review Sites

November 7, 2017

Via: Blogging4Jobs

It’s easy to dismiss negative reviews on employer review sites as sour grapes from disgruntled former or current employees or candidates who didn’t land the job (especially those anonymous reviews). However, dismissing employee reviews is the last thing you want […]