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Texas Supreme Court Clarifies Standard for Payment of Commissions When Agreement Is Silent

June 2, 2022


For many years, an oft-litigated question concerned whether a former employee was owed the commissions on sales made prior to the employee’s discharge from employment. Sometimes employment agreements were clear on the issue, such as by providing unambiguously that commissions […]

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Ask HR: Who Is Responsible for Ensuring Pay Equity?

April 1, 2022


Someone recently shared companywide salary information with me. Looking at the data, I am concerned that there are substantial salary discrepancies at my company among people doing comparable work. Should I address this with leadership or HR? Are companies required […]

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How to Choose an Employee Benefits Consultant

September 21, 2020

Via: HR Hero

Both job candidates and employees expect competitive and accessible benefits from employers, especially given the tight labor market. Providing employees with the benefits they want can improve their morale and performance and lead to higher productivity, engagement, and profitability. Also, […]