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“Yellowjackets” Star Is Body Shamed on Set by a Co-Worker—Is That Illegal?

January 26, 2022

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Melanie Lynskey, a star of the new Showtime series Yellowjackets, recently recounted an incident in which a coworker allegedly criticized her body on set. According to Lynskey, a production team member asked her what she planned to do about her […]

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Training: One Way to Tackle Weight Discrimination at Work

February 14, 2020

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Imagine two résumés showing equally desirable qualifications. One belongs to a thin applicant and the other to an applicant viewed as overweight. Which candidate gets the job? An even more intriguing question: What if the heavier applicant had a more […]

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Is Weight Discrimination Illegal?

July 8, 2019

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With the majority of people in the United States being either overweight or obese today, you wouldn’t think it would be in an employer’s best interest to be discriminatory against someone who is overweight. Yet, this happens all the time. […]

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Weight, Weight, Don’t Tell Me

December 28, 2017

Via: HR Examiner

Back in 2012 Steve Smith asked: Is Weight Discrimination OK? Tom Bolt also had some very insightful comments on the post, pointing out that whether someone is fit to work based on weight is really a determination between the individual […]