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2023 Outlook: 4 Ways the Workforce Will Change

January 9, 2023

Via: HR Hero

So much about the world of work has changed in the past 3 years. If someone told you in 2019 that “work from anywhere” policies would be common, 4-day workweeks would be widely accepted, and “hustle culture” would be on […]

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What keeps women in the workplace? Fair pay and a healthy work culture

October 7, 2022

Via: HR Dive

An obvious first step to figuring out what female talent want is simply to ask. Employers often skimp on communicating directly with employees when trying to address their needs, panelists at a 2021 [email protected] virtual summit pointed out. Instead of […]

Workplace wellness

Keeping a strong culture in the age of forehead temperature checks

May 6, 2020

Via: HR Morning

Everyone is anxiously waiting to go back to the office and get back to work. At the same time, we are also afraid that getting back to our old way of life is not safe yet. The new normal of […]

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Why big data can drive more humanity in the workplace

April 7, 2016

Via: HR Dive

Miller mentions research from Globoforce, which found a strong connection between recognition by leaders and a positive work culture. In fact, when employees feel leaders care about a more “human” workplace, 91% of employees reported feeling motivated to work harder and 83% said “they […]