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5 Key Steps for Driving Successful Change in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

November 17, 2022

Via: HR Hero

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from studying our (almost) post-pandemic workplace is that people – employees and leaders, alike – are tired. Really tired. And, possibly approaching burnout.

Among the many impacts of the pandemic is the escalation of workplace changes – from the ways and “wheres” of working, to new technology and new leadership.

According to the 2022 Change Report from Notion Consulting, 75% of people in the workplace have experienced three or more consequential changes in the last 12 months. Sixty-five per cent cited a new leader or manager, another 65% noted new processes and procedures, half have new technology, and at least a quarter are dealing with new products, markets, mergers, reorganizations, layoffs, or a new workplace.

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