Despite Popularity of Remote Work, Employer Comfort Levels Still Shaky

July 17, 2024

Via: HR Hero

Legions of office workers have been skipping the commute for a few years now, working remotely in the comfort of their homes and relying on technology to keep them connected to their colleagues. Especially during the pandemic, employers and employees […]

US employers and workers say they face a major skills development disconnect

July 9, 2024

Via: HR Dive

Although both employers and employees see the need for skills development in the workplace, continuous upskilling isn’t the norm for most workers, according to a July 3 report from D2L, a learning technology company. Investing in learning and development leads […]

Make Your Company a Hard Target for Job Scams

July 2, 2024

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Category: Software

Your company’s talent is its lifeblood. Job postings for qualified individuals and other recruitment activities are vital to its operations. What happens, then, when scammers conduct phishing schemes to trick individuals into applying for nonexistent jobs you didn’t post with […]


Labour government sets out to deliver bold employment agenda

July 5, 2024

Via: Personnel Today

The next prime minister Sir Keir Starmer said this morning: “Change begins now”. “It feels good, I have to be honest,” he added. The new government has pledged “the biggest upgrade to rights at work for a generation” but will […]

Workplace wellness

Is Inclusion the Solution to Employee Burnout?

July 3, 2024

Via: Recruiting Headlines

Greetings, corporate warriors! Today, we embark on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of corporate America, armed with our wits and a burning question: Is inclusion the antidote to the all-too-common affliction of employee burnout? Burnout is as ubiquitous in […]