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The Real Impact on Employees of Removing Performance Ratings

August 15, 2019

Via: CEB

“Many times I’ve wondered, if we just eliminated the entire formal performance management system, would we see any impact on the business?” says one SVP of human resources at a major manufacturing company. This executive isn’t alone in wondering whether […]

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Rise of the Machines: Which Roles Will Be Replaced in 10 Years?

August 13, 2019

Via: HR Hero

In the Johnny Depp movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Bucket’s father works in a toothpaste factory but is quickly replaced by robots that can do his job—screwing toothpaste caps onto tubes of toothpaste—at a fraction of the speed. […]

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Companies that focus on human experience receive performance boost

August 8, 2019

Via: HR Dive

Companies are prioritizing the employee experience. According to a recent Harvard Business Review report, creating a positive employee experience is one of the top three goals business leaders have for 2019. The report included details of how HR is leveraging […]

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‘Just a Job’ Is Bad for Business: Focus on Employee Experience

July 30, 2019

Via: HR Hero

How engaged is your workforce? If you answered, “not very engaged” then we’ve got bad news: these disengaged workers will be leaving your company as soon as they receive an offer from someone else. And that someone else may very […]

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Criminal Past Less a Predictor for Workplace Futures

July 29, 2019

Via: Workforce

At Nutrition Solutions, most employees are formerly convicted felons. Not exactly the type of employee one would expect to find at a trendy lifestyle meal preparation company. But then again, founder and CEO Chris Cavallini was arrested 17 times before […]

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Creative Methods of Engaging Employees Can Save You Millions

July 25, 2019

Via: HR Hero

It takes a holistic strategy to keep employees engaged, but social and mobile solutions are providing new ways to create a positive impact. Engagement is the word of the day; organizations want everyone from clients to industry influencers to stay […]

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HR History: Mental Health in the 1950s

July 23, 2019

Via: Workforce

The workplace has changed a lot since 1922. That year The Journal of Personnel Research debuted, rebranded later as Personnel Journal and finally Workforce. Now in our 97th year, we take a look back at what was on the minds […]

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The Difference Between Awareness and Action in Training

July 23, 2019

Via: HR Hero

Training is often about conveying knowledge from one person or group to another, and that is reflected in the evaluation techniques often used when training—for example, written tests to discern the amount of knowledge retained. But these methods may miss […]


Compromise Bill Bringing Paid Family Leave to Oregon

July 19, 2019

Via: HR Hero

Oregon is joining the ranks of states with a paid family leave law. During its recent session, the state legislature passed a compromise bill similar to the law in neighboring Washington. Oregon’s law, which won’t go into full effect until […]

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10 Things to Say Instead of Good Job

July 16, 2019

Via: Evil HR Lady

We want to be positive. Well, some of us want to be positive. I want to be positive. But, sometimes, the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “good job!” This is a lovely thing to say, but […]