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7 Policies to Update in Your 2019 Employee Handbook

January 15, 2019


Handbooks are a key asset for communicating company policies and promoting fairness and consistency in the workplace, and ever-evolving federal, state and local laws make routinely reviewing and updating handbooks critical for employers. 2018 proved to be a busy year, […]

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Performance Management: Balancing Recognition and Impact as an HR Leader

December 28, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Performance management is like Internet access: essential to the daily operation of any business but taken for granted until it stops working. While everyone understands why you need consistent and high-quality broadband, the obvious benefits of good performance management often […]

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How Leaders Can Improve Their Emotional Intelligence

December 7, 2018

Via: Workforce

Building a company is hard. But the most successful founders and CEOs have one thing in common. In fact, this characteristic is so important that I have never seen a leader be truly successful without it. That characteristic is emotional […]

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New study highlights power of performance management systems

November 22, 2018

Via: HR Morning

A recent study out of the UK has great takeaways for HR pros across the globe on the use and effectiveness of performance management (PM) systems. London-based Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) shared research showing that, where PM systems […]

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Make it Easy for Your Employees to Vote

November 5, 2018

Via: Evil HR Lady

While early voting and mail-in ballots are common in many locations, tomorrow, November 6, is the real deal: voting day. As an employer, what are your responsibilities to your employees and their right to vote? Don’t tell your employees how […]


Curiosity, not Data, Will Improve the Image and Performance of HR

October 16, 2018

Via: HR Examiner

In an age of ubiquitous access to information and rapid job automation, curiosity has been hailed as one of the critical markers of human potential. A report presented by ManpowerGroup at the latest World Economic Forum highlighted that learnability, the […]

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A Learning Culture That Spans Borders

September 26, 2018

Via: Chief Learning Officer

As technological change transforms nearly every facet of the enterprise, HR and talent development leaders are under increased pressure to accelerate both the pace and frequency with which their employees develop an array of soft and technical skills. With good […]

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5 Tactics for Transforming Performance Reviews That Range From Ineffectual to Invaluable

September 25, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

Many business leaders and experts say that performance reviews are just not that effective. It’s true that there are many ways employers can tank one of these reviews and make it less helpful for workers. Some employees feel unfairly targeted […]

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6 Features that Will Optimize Your Employee Onboarding Software

June 27, 2018

Via: HR Hero

New employee onboarding used to be a one-size-fits-all affair. In the past few years, organizations have begun to realize the importance of a holistic approach wielding cutting-edge, technology-based eLearning materials to ease the orientation process and set up new team […]

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Implicit Bias Can Take Toll on Performance Review Process

June 12, 2018

Via: HR Hero

More and more employers are exploring unconscious bias and what they can do to manage the damage caused by biases people may not even realize they harbor. Most of the attention has focused on unconscious bias’s effect on hiring and […]