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Helping Employees Cope with the Death of a Co-Worker

June 23, 2022


Helping employees cope with the death of a colleague or co-worker is not typically covered in leadership training or employee handbooks. However, the pandemic and other public health crises have prompted many organizations to create policies that address the needs […]

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How to Lead When an Employee Dies

December 18, 2020


“It was the most difficult phone call I ever had to make,” said Carma Peters, CEO of Michigan Legacy Credit Union in Wyandotte, Mich. An employee at her company—Sandy, a 31-year-old single mother—had died of COVID-19. Peters had been in […]

Workplace wellness

Managing Bereavement in the Workplace

July 28, 2020

Via: Omega HR Solutions

Death and bereavement is a sad but inevitable fact of life and, when this happens to an employee, you need to find the best way to deal with this situation – best for the employee and best for business. An […]