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The First 4 Steps to Creating a Great Company Culture

October 16, 2017

Via: Ere Media

This is the fourth in a series of articles about the way companies are changing – or should – to be successful in the 21st Century. In the first, “Is Workforce Optimization the Missing Piece to Your Organization’s Success?” I […]

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Virtual Reality: A Call for HR Creativity?

October 12, 2017

Via: Spark

Virtual reality is the “next big thing” in the workplace. As noted by Joshua Davidson on Medium, this technology is already making its way to gaming platforms, but aside from occasional outliers — NASA, for example — it hasn’t inspired […]

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The New Business-Driven Approach to Employee Experience

September 15, 2017

Via: Ere Media

Human resources is experiencing a massive shift. For years, organizations have relied on a single annual engagement survey to collect feedback from employees. These surveys have become a ritual for many companies, and a lucrative industry has sprung up around […]

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Avoid or Embrace Accountability?

September 6, 2017

Via: Chief Learning Officer

At the heart of running learning with business discipline is the notion of accountability. In its simplest form accountability implies two things. You create a plan for the coming year or for your project. The plan needs to contain SMART […]


Want a Raise? Here’s How to Get It

September 1, 2017

Via: Sofia Allende

When’s the right time to ask for a raise? How do you know you’re not asking for too much? Or too little? Afraid to ask your manager for a performance review? Then keep on reading. Everything you need to know […]

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Hiring Basics Can Help Avoid a Bad Candidate Experience

August 22, 2017

Via: Workforce

It is not breaking news that a bad hire can come with a high price tag — recruiting costs, training costs, man-hours and morale issues — not to mention the lost productivity. But there’s another recruiting misstep that could cost […]

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This Bank’s HR Is Now Spending Time Analyzing Instead of Compiling

August 22, 2017

Via: Ere Media

As HR analysts, we face the challenge of harnessing data to produce reports on everything from short-term incentive plans, benefits, hiring and compensation, to external auditing and compliance requests. Compiling this data is not always simple, since it’s often trapped […]

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6 Critical Factors for Effective Strategic Leadership

August 21, 2017

Via: Ere Media

I always remind my readers and audiences that however talented they are, their CEOs don’t want them to be sales, marketing, HR or tech leaders – CEOs want them to be business leaders with sales, marketing, HR or tech expertise. […]

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Finding the Right Balance for Employees in Office Design

August 20, 2017

Via: Workforce

What’s your ideal work environment? I posed this question to friends and family and got a variety of answers. A librarian’s assistant enjoyed her job mostly because in the hours spent shelving books, she could listen to music, did not […]

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Recognition Can Help You Win (and Keep Winning) the Talent War

August 18, 2017

Via: Ere Media

The battle for talent is as fierce as it has been in nearly a decade, prompting business leaders to reexamine people strategies and practices in order to be competitive. It’s also underscoring the importance of employee recognition – and for […]