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The Next Health Challenge for Employers: Navigating Flu Season Amid a Pandemic

October 13, 2021

Via: HR Hero

Living through a pandemic has taught us many things, chief among them being that just when you think you’ve adapted to a new normal, it’s already changed. Viruses evolve, as do our responses. Today, we have a better understanding of […]

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How to Prepare the Workplace for Flu Season

November 6, 2019

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The arrival of cooler temperatures signals the coming of fall—and the coming of flu season. No one likes to feel sick, but employers face the added burden of illnesses spreading throughout the organization, which amplifies and prolongs the problem and […]

Workplace wellness

Reducing flu at work is a matter of business continuity

February 15, 2018

Via: Omega HR Solutions

As I have been watching the news daily I hear reports of yet another death caused by the flu. It seems to have a very detrimental effect on students. However, even when it doesn’t cause a death, it can be […]