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It’s High Time to Review Your Drug Testing Policy

June 6, 2022

Via: HR Hero

As the marijuana legalization and decriminalization trend continues throughout states across the nation (including with recent April 2022 action by the U.S. House of Representatives), now is a good time for all employers to review and update your drug testing […]


Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act Did Not Protect Fired Worker

October 29, 2021


A federal court in Pennsylvania granted an employer’s motion for summary judgment dismissing a former employee’s Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Act (PMMA) claim because he could not show that his termination was premised solely on his status as a certified user […]


Pennsylvania Court: Medical Marijuana Act Allows Employees to Sue for Bias

August 26, 2021


On Aug. 5, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania held for the first time that Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act (MMA) allows an employee to sue his or her employer for taking an adverse employment action based on the employee’s status as […]

Workplace wellness

We Need to Clear the Smoke About Cannabis in the Workplace

March 26, 2019

Via: Entrepreneur

By now, legalized cannabis is old news. Ten states allow recreational usage, 33 have medical marijuana and cannabis was legalized across all of Canada a few months ago. But in spite of all that, there’s still one very big taboo […]


Iowa Employers Need to Be Ready for Medical Marijuana

November 15, 2018

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Medical marijuana manufacturers and dispensaries in Iowa must be ready to put their products on sale by December 1, meaning you need to understand the implications of the state’s medical marijuana law on your drug-free-workplace policies. Marijuana for medical use […]