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Why Obesity’s Stigma Stands in the Way of Treatment and Care

January 30, 2024

Via: HR Hero

“Eat less and exercise more.” “Change your behavior and you’ll lose weight.” “It’s all in your head.” “It’s your lack of willpower.” “You’re selfish and lazy.” This is what people with obesity often hear from the media, friends, family and […]

Workplace wellness

10 Things America’s Healthiest Employers Have in Common

November 13, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Health, fitness wellness—whatever you want to call it—is a major focus in the United States, with health-related trends increasing significantly as Americans become passionate about staying fit and eating well. Ironically, at the same time that obesity rates are rising—over […]

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Is an obese employee protected by the ADA?

October 11, 2018

Via: Omega HR Solutions

At some time or another most HR professionals have probably been faced with the question of whether or not an obese employee is covered by the ADA. The answer as often happens is “maybe”. Unfortunately, as our population gets heavier […]