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Aligning Workplace Culture with Employee Mental Health: 6 Steps to Success

October 30, 2023


Last year, nearly all HR professionals (94 percent) believed organizations could improve workplace mental health through the provision of benefits, according to SHRM’s Mental Health in America: A 2022 Workplace Report. But today, workers and experts are saying benefits and self-care perks alone don’t address the root causes of the burnout and exhaustion crisis in the workplace.

The just-released 2023 Mental Health at Work Report from Mind Share Partners, a nonprofit focusing on workplace mental health, reveals that workers want changes that go beyond traditional health benefits and self-care apps. In fact, 58 percent of surveyed workers rated a healthy, sustainable work culture as “very or extremely helpful” for their mental health, while only 35 percent of them rated self-care resources as “very or extremely helpful.”

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