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The Top 150 Company Cultures in America

September 18, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

We all want to love where we work — and want our employees to be as excited to be there as we are. But not every entrepreneur knows how to make their workplace enjoyable — and investing in a Ping-Pong […]

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Employee Engagement Is an HR Priority—But Needs Key Resources to Succeed

August 9, 2018

Via: HR Hero

The votes are in. A new study from StaffConnect found that HR leaders—alongside C-level executives, corporate communications, and other business professionals—are prioritizing employee engagement. Specifically, the 2018 Employee Engagement Survey found that around three-quarters of organizations surveyed plan to implement […]

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Employee Motivation Tips that Lead to Growth

August 1, 2018

Via: HR Hero

We all tend to do our best at work when we experience encouragement from our superiors. Direct managers or supervisors are usually the most influential in this regard. However, many small businesses don’t have the benefit of larger department structures. […]

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Retain Employees with These 5 Actions

July 31, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Recent research conducted by iCIMS shows that workers stay with an employer for 2 to 3 years on average. Additionally, up to 70% of employees leave a company for better pay, and 53% claim that they leave because they don’t […]

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Characteristics of a Positive Workplace Culture

July 13, 2018

Via: HR Hero

No employer wants to end up with a toxic workplace culture. Negativity spreads, and it can drive employees away quickly. A positive workplace culture, on the other hand, is associated with higher productivity and reduced turnover—a real win-win. Changing the […]

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Recognizing and Aiding the Underemployed

July 9, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Many people work multiple hourly, part-time jobs but still can’t afford their full-time bills. While these employees are hardworking, they often struggle financially because of unstable hours and low hourly wages. This group of people falls into the category of […]

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Employee Experience and a Positive Bottom-Line

July 6, 2018

Via: HR Hero

For companies looking to get an edge, the employee experience is increasingly a key area of focus as an enabler of this type of capability. Much like the customer experience, the employee experience is defined as the full set of […]

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More Employee Assistance Program Best Practices

July 5, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Before the holiday, we began to explore some best practices concerning employee assistance programs (EAP’s). Today we have more best practices. Select the Appropriate Third-Party Vendor(s) Many organizations decide to hire a third-party vendor to handle their EAP’s legal and […]

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How to ‘Boss’ Better: Creating and Managing Happy, Engaged Staff

June 15, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Employees who quit their roles say that 50%–90% of the time, the reason they leave involves their boss. Those who stay loyal and happy at work cite recognition, a sense of achievement, and being heard and valued in their job […]

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4 Ways to Reduce Employee Stress in the Workplace

May 25, 2018

Via: HR Hero

It doesn’t take an MIT engineering whiz to tell you that stress is a serious problem. But it might open your eyes to learn that even MIT brings puppy therapy onto its campus to reduce students’ anxiety and the negative, […]