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Workplace wellness

Help Workers Save for Rainy Days, Not Just Golden Years

December 10, 2018

Via: Workforce

There is a savings crisis in America. Eight out of 10 workers are living paycheck to paycheck, and though many employers have started to prioritize financial wellness in recent years, they are doing little to prepare employees for financial emergencies […]

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Pretax Savings Technology Lets Employees Keep More of What They Earn

November 27, 2018


Pretax savings accounts—where employees deposit money after they’ve earned it but before it is taxed—can be a great benefit. Workers can use them to pay for commuting costs, health savings accounts (HSAs) or day care expenses. But the red tape […]

Workplace wellness

Companies are Reducing Employee Stress by Doing this One Simple Thing

February 22, 2018

Via: Evil HR Lady

Do you have $500 you could access for an emergency? If you do, you’re in the minority of Americans. According to a 2017 Bankrate survey, 59 percent of us don’t have $500 to cover an emergency. The problem is, savings […]