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Achieving Diversity and Culture Fit Possible Through Expert Recruiting

January 18, 2019

Via: HR Hero

Most employers are eager to tout the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce, and they also want to create a workplace where people are comfortable with the organization’s values and feel like they fit in with their coworkers. But […]

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Communicating Culture During Recruitment

December 27, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Ensuring a job applicant is a good cultural fit is one of the main tasks employers are seeking to accomplish during the interview process. It is often seen as being just as important, if not more important, than having the […]

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Win the war for talent: 7 perks job candidates say they want

December 7, 2018

Via: HR Morning

Every HR pro’s been here before: You find a candidate with all the right qualifications, only to have them slip away right before closing the deal. After having done your best to woo them and offer a strong salary, you […]

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How to Land Top Talent in a Buyers’ Market

November 30, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Our nation seems to have reached a tipping point in favor of the job hunters, who can now be more selective than ever before. In fact, the best of the best get snatched up in less than 2 weeks, and […]

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Workers unhappy with managers 4x more likely to job hunt

November 20, 2018

Via: HR Dive

A look at the factors that improve retention can be invaluable to employers trying to lower turnover rates. The TINYpulse report emphasized the importance of culture and retention: “culture eats compensation for breakfast,” it said. Respondents in the report said […]

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The Amazon Example: Can AI Discriminate?

November 19, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Instinctively, it would seem that using a machine, data, or artificial intelligence (AI) to review job applicants would create a process that is fairer by default. Unlike people, the machine doesn’t have subconscious biases. It doesn’t have feelings or gut […]

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Jobseekers Do Not ‘Like’ Allegedly Biased Facebook Advertisements

November 15, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Recruiting top talent to your organization can be a difficult task. Between the historically low unemployment rate and the cottage industry of jobs websites out there, it can be challenging to locate strong candidates and persuade them to join your […]

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3 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Your Company Besides Recruiting

November 8, 2018

Via: Omega HR Solutions

LinkedIn has become one of the most important tools for HR department recruiters. Nearly nine in 10 recruiters use LinkedIn to source and vet candidates, over twice as many who use Facebook, a Jobvite survey found. LinkedIn provides an efficient, […]

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How to Find Future Entrepreneurs

October 24, 2018

Via: HR Hero

Perhaps your organization is looking for someone with the entrepreneurial spirit? You probably have an idea of what that candidate might look like. However, things are not always as they seem. A new investigation by Hiscox explores the true source […]


Unusual Strategies for Attracting Candidates

October 18, 2018

Via: Blogging4Jobs

There has been quite the conversation about company branding in our industry and how this is helping drive candidates into the process. But what about companies who do not have a budget for marketing? They sure as hell don’t have […]