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How Do Workers Feel About Technology in the Workplace? The Results Are In.

March 15, 2023

Via: Spark

Unsurprisingly, workers’ thoughts and feelings about technology in the workplace are a mixed bag. This is according to the Worker Identity Research Collaboration (WIRC), a qualitative field research study headed up by Martha Bird, ADP’s chief business anthropologist, and her research partner, Shelley Sather. Twenty-four participants voiced their thoughts and feelings as part of the study.

“Our participant collaborators shared their perspectives on grappling with technology and digital platforms in the workplace,” Bird said. “We heard from a rideshare driver, a doctor, a news reporter and others about various technology-related topics, including automation, social media, staying relevant as a worker amid technological change and tangible and abstract work experiences mediated by technology. The responses are timely and fascinating.”

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