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Thriving Among Competition: Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Become a Destination Employer  

April 25, 2024

Via: HR Hero

The lifeline of any company is attracting and retaining top-notch talent. High-performing employees serve as the building blocks for setting the foundation for organizational success. In a competitive workforce with a limited talent pool, recruitment and retention strategies have become more essential than ever.

Following the Great Resignation (2021-2022), where an average of 4.5 million employees per month voluntarily left their jobs, the workforce has experienced a significant shift in talent and competition. In a changing employment landscape, 97% of employers value “soft skills” just as much or more than traditional skill sets. To meet the evolving demands of the workplace, employers are paying more attention to qualities such as communication styles, digital literacy, adaptability and emotional intelligence. This shift intensifies job seeker competition, prompting individuals to focus on continuous learning and upskilling for job market competitiveness.

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