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Special Delivery: Considerations for Pregnant Employees

June 13, 2023

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The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 (PDA) makes it illegal for employers to discriminate against pregnant employees and requires reasonable accommodations for an employee’s known limitations related to pregnancy or childbirth. Let’s look at how the PDA and the PWFA […]


Failure to Accommodate Autistic Worker Ends with Settlement of EEOC Disability Lawsuit

July 6, 2022

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA) prohibit an employer from discriminating against an individual who is (1) disabled within the statutes’ meaning and (2) qualified to perform the essential job functions with […]


Latest DOJ Guidance on ADA Web Accessibility Leaves Unanswered Questions

May 26, 2022

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In March 2022, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) published web accessibility guidance under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities and guarantees they will have the same ability as everyone else to enjoy […]


Congress Again Mulling Pregnancy Accommodation Bill

May 13, 2021

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The newest version of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act is heading for a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives, where it passed with ease in 2020 but didn’t make it into law. The bill, which would ease the way […]

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How Employers Can Help Employees with Chronic Pain

March 5, 2020

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Millions of people live with chronic pain every day. Most employers have employees who are in this situation. Chronic pain often has no adequate treatment, and those living with it have to find ways to manage their lives around the […]

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Determining Essential Job Functions

January 31, 2020

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When crafting good job descriptions, one component employers need to consider is which job functions are considered essential. This is especially relevant when it comes to ensuring the employer is not discriminating against individuals with disabilities. According to the Equal […]

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Animals at Work: In-Fur-Mation for Employers

December 18, 2019

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To avoid a hairy situation, employers should familiarize themselves with laws relating to the emerging issue of animals at work. Most animals fall into the following three sets: (1) service animals, (2) comfort or therapy animals, and (3) pets. Service […]

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An accommodation has to make it possible to do the work, not avoid the work

January 29, 2019

Via: Omega HR Solutions

Because many employers are not well versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act there is often confusion on whether a request accommodation must be granted. The good news is that a requested accommodation does not have to be granted if […]

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Accommodating Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Workforce

October 9, 2018

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In part 1 of this article, we discussed how the fight for top talent is requiring employers to invest in keeping their current staff healthy and productive. Comprehensive disability management programs can be a key part of this approach—helping assess […]

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Who Let the Dogs in? Handling Requests for Service Animals at Work

March 6, 2018

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It seems like I’m seeing more and more people with service animals—particularly “comfort animals” meant to ease anxiety or similar problems. Delta Airlines has had such a problem with comfort animals causing issues on its planes that it recently announced […]

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Workplace Accommodations Don’t Have to be Complicated to be Effective

November 27, 2017

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When employers hear the word “accommodations” they might respond in several ways. Some immediately see dollar signs, thinking accommodating an employee’s health condition may require a high price tag for multiple pieces of adaptive equipment. Others may think providing accommodations […]