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A warning to CHROs using AI tools: Governmental oversight may be coming

October 11, 2022

Via: Recruiting Headlines

Last week’s White House release of new guidelines for the use of AI tools in the workplace—dubbed the AI Bill of Rights—and New York City’s new law that mandates companies audit their AI tools for bias could have a profound impact on […]


HR Gets Help Vetting AI Tools

January 24, 2022


Several companies recently announced that they are adopting new measures to vet vendors’ artificial intelligence tools in order to mitigate data and algorithmic bias in human resource and workforce decisions. In December 2021, more than a dozen large companies, including […]


How to Avoid Discrimination When Using AI

September 21, 2021


Given the prevalence and rising use of artificial intelligence for customer service, feedback and general information, it’s no surprise that HR teams are adopting AI-driven bots for workplace communication. Companies are embracing bot tools as time and money savers to […]