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Will COVID-19 Impact Holiday Hiring?

October 6, 2020

Via: HR Hero

The hunt for holiday talent would normally be well underway in “normal” circumstances, but given the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve come to expect that nothing is “normal” these days, and that can be said for holiday hiring, as well. Brick-and-mortar stores […]

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It’s Cyber Monday and Your Employees are Shopping at Their Desks

December 2, 2019

Via: Evil HR Lady

Black Friday sales used to require standing in line and battling crowds. This year, there were $7.4 billion in online sales on Black Friday. Now that your employees are back at work, they are likely to continue shopping online. Last […]

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7 tips for (compliantly) surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 22, 2017

Via: HR Dive

Black Friday and Cyber Monday present unique compliance challenges for HR. If you’re a retailer, it’s easy to get swept up in the “all hands on deck” mentality of the major shopping days. And if you’re not, experts say it’s […]