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30 Horrifying Presents Managers Actually Bought for Employees

December 14, 2020

Via: Evil HR Lady

Have you bought a present for your direct reports yet? While it’s not obligatory, it is rather traditional. However, it’s better to give nothing at all than it is to give the presents these bosses gave. I asked people about […]

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My Doctor Says I Should Work from Home. Can My Boss Say No?

August 31, 2020

Via: Evil HR Lady

After working from home since late March due to COVID, my employer informed all employees on August 18th that we were expected to return to the office on August 24th. If we decided we needed to continue to work from […]

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When Your Boss Doesn’t Let You Go on Vacation

July 8, 2020

Via: Evil HR Lady

Yesterday, Brenda Neckvatal and I talked about vacation and PTO usage on The Real HR Show. And we got this comment: My company offers unlimited time off, but I don’t feel like I can take advantage because of the boss […]

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Survey Shows What Employees Really Think About Bosses

April 6, 2020

Via: HR Hero

The stereotype of the “yes man/woman” is a common one. The idea is that employees are loathe to disagree with, or in any way offend, their bosses. Certainly, a baseline of respect is expected of employees. But, it can also […]

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New to Hr? Getting to Know Your Boss

December 19, 2017

Via: Blogging4Jobs

Getting a new boss and coworkers can be overwhelming for new HR professionals – and seasoned ones too. There are certain expectations and emotions people feel when they land that job and over time they are either met or found […]