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Want to Future-Proof Your Business? Stop Shelving Employer Branding Plans

January 13, 2023

Via: HR Hero

When organizations go into survival mode, their leaders often forget just how vital employer branding is to overall business health and success. This is becoming more and more evident as companies and analysts try to determine whether we are headed […]


Court orders Glassdoor to name negative reviewers of toymaker

July 19, 2022

Via: Personnel Today

The anonymous reviews referred to Zuru as a “[b]urn out factory” with a “toxic culture”, where an “incompetent” management team “consistently talk[s] down” to employees and treats them like “dirt”, according to court documents in Zuru v Glassdoor. Zuru has […]


How to Be in Tune with the Changing Needs of Your Customers

July 14, 2020

Via: Diana Beverly Ross

Dynamic, diverse, fluid—2020’s workforce is an unusual mix of different ages, locations, ethnicities, and genders. It’s slightly becoming more personal, but still filling in the shape of a corporatus—the origin of the late 15th-century corporate comes from the Latin corporare, […]

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5 Crucial Things HR in Start-Ups Needs to Know

January 30, 2019

Via: HR Hero

Human resources shouldn’t even be called human resources. It’s an outdated term, and there are so many things wrong with it. First off, humans are not resources. They are team members and people who work hard. Second, managing people is […]

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4 Tools to Monitor & Measure Your Employment Branding Efforts

October 25, 2016

Via: Blogging4Jobs

Employment branding is one of the most powerful tools recruiters have available to them today. It’s not only the newest and hottest thing in recruiting but is also one of the most worthwhile things you can do in the race […]