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Is Your Employee Recognition Program Falling Flat?

November 30, 2022


Many companies have rewards programs to recognize employees for their efforts and attitudes. But how well do these attempts to reward—and generate employee engagement and loyalty in return—actually work? Are homegrown, internally managed programs more meaningful than the online options […]


MBO Partners Adds HR Technology to Support Remote Workers

October 11, 2021


When Kelly Beckner, vice president of corporate human resources at MBO Partners, began transitioning employees to remote work due to the pandemic, she realized a key priority was identifying technology to accommodate a newly remote workforce. Headquartered in Ashburn, Va., […]

Development & Evaluation, Employee retention

Rewards Matter: 4 great ways to recognize employees

April 29, 2019

Via: HR Morning

Rewards matter. Sure, salary and benefits are key factors, too. But for any good employee worth having on your payroll, being recognized for their efforts is as important to them as their paycheck – with the added bonus that a […]

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Be Careful: Gamification at Work Can Go Very Wrong

February 28, 2019


Gamification is becoming known as a valuable technique that can change behavior and incentivize higher productivity, but HR managers should know that gamifying the workplace only succeeds when the game is thoughtfully designed to create many winners. Introducing the mechanics […]

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Put Recognition in Your Employees’ Hands

October 2, 2018


The importance of recognizing employees for their good acts has never been lost on HR leaders, but new research shows that meaningful recognition may be more important than ever in retaining top employees and keeping pace with competitors. Such recognition […]

Development & Evaluation, Employee retention

Viewpoint: Why Showing Gratitude to Employees Is as Important as Generating Revenue

January 2, 2018


In business, there are two things you can’t have enough of. The first one is obvious: revenues. Ask any business owner or salesperson, and they will share with you that their work seems like an endless pursuit of an ever-increasing […]