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Are HR Leaders Facing a Recession?

August 8, 2022

Via: HR Exchange Network

A debate is raging among businesspeople, economists, and everyday families about whether the United States is in a recession. HR leaders have a great interest in this subject because of the budget planning and salary expectations of employees. The fact […]


Inflation reaches 9.4%, but pay awards well behind

July 20, 2022

Via: Personnel Today

On a monthly basis, CPI rose 0.8%, according to the Office for National Statistics. The retail prices index (RPI), which is no longer an official statistic but is used by many trade unions for pay bargaining, was 11.8%, up only […]

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Why $35,308 and $147,414 Are the New Critical Salaries

March 12, 2019

Via: Evil HR Lady

The Department of Labor recently announced some new minimum salaries for exemption from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Currently, in order to be exempt from overtime you need to meet the duties test and earn at least $23,660 […]

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Are employers facing a ‘wage war’ with employees? Study says yes

July 11, 2016

Via: HR Morning

In recent years, employers have enjoyed a comfortable status quo in which they’ve held the upper hand over anxious job seekers. But recent research says the balance of power may be shifting. New findings from the 2016 Emerging Workforce Study (EWS), […]


Cash Is King and Workers Want More of It

May 9, 2016


In recent years, plenty of employee engagement consultants have suggested that workers care just as much—and sometimes more—about intangible recognition for a job well-done as they do about earning higher pay or receiving bonuses. Not according to two recent surveys […]