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How to Conduct a Great Performance Review

July 18, 2022


Dissatisfaction with performance appraisals is pervasive. They are seen as time-consuming, demotivating, inaccurate, biased and unfair. A McKinsey survey indicates most CEOs don’t find the appraisal process in their companies helps to identify top performers, while over half of employees […]

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How to Give Good Feedback on Goals

June 3, 2021

Via: HR Hero

Do your employees make quarterly or yearly goals? If so, you probably have a system in place whereby you or another employee meets with them to go over their goals. However, these meetings are probably pretty quick—after all, how can […]

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Acronyms and Employee Performance: List Goes On and On

May 6, 2021

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Acronyms are quick and useful abbreviations that allow us to recall lists, speeches, important facts, or procedures through the use of one word or short phrase. Such shortcuts are common in the world of employment, too, and just as useful. […]

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Worried About Your Performance Review? Work Harder on Building Relationships.

September 21, 2017

Via: Entrepreneur

Let’s take a reminiscent journey back to our days in primary or secondary school. As we roamed the halls, we shared some commonalities (beyond colds, chickenpox and homework answers) with our classmates. We were all the same age. We had […]

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How to Make Performance Management a Year-Round Process

December 12, 2016

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Performance reviews help employees focus on continuous improvement, help people meet professional and personal goals and spark meaningful conversations between managers and staff. But do you practice effective feedback strategies at work or does your business only engage employees once […]

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A ‘tough love’ replacement for the dreaded annual performance review

October 27, 2016

Via: HR Morning

It’s a pretty safe bet that your managers aren’t fans of the traditional, annual performance review process — whether they’re on the giving or the receiving end. Unfortunately, as a result of their contempt for it, the review process isn’t as effective […]

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Elevating the Performance Review Process: The Key is Better Agility

April 15, 2016

Via: Ere Media

Ambitious attitudes, an urge to work in collaborative environments and a need for transparent feedback – all calling cards of the latest generations (Millennials and Gen Zs) joining the workforce. Nurturing these can-do mentalities is paramount for today’s organizations, and […]

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7 must-haves for defensible documentation

January 8, 2016

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You know how important clear and thorough documentation is. But your managers may be another story. Thankfully, employment law attorney Allison West has some steps managers can use to make documenting performance issues less painful — and more defensible if […]