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Workplace wellness

How to Handle Valentine’s Day in the Workplace

January 31, 2019

Via: Spark

Of all the holidays, Valentine’s Day in the workplace may be the most awkward. Should you celebrate or not? If so, how? What can you do to ensure that no one ends up feeling uncomfortable? After all, Valentine’s Day is […]

Workplace wellness

The perfect moment for reviewing your workplace romance policies

February 15, 2016

Via: HR Morning

Valentine’s Day is an especially appropriate time for HR pros — and top management — to review the way they handle workplace romance. First, a few numbers: A survey said 59% of respondents have participated in some form of […]


Valentine’s Day May Bring Workplace Depression

February 11, 2016


Everything may be coming up roses for some workers on Valentine’s Day. But for others, the holiday can be a deflating reminder that they just ended a romantic relationship, that they’re lonely, that they’re not as popular as some co-workers, […]