3 Qualities of Effective Leadership in the Modern Workplace

The concepts and values of leadership have evolved over the years. While the ideas of “Be loyal to your employer and do what you are told,” “Get people to follow you,” or “Climb your way to the top” used to be the standard mode of operation, times have changed. The workforce today is not interested in being dictated to, giving absolute loyalty, and working their way up to the top. They are empowered, restless, creative, and clever. If you are a savvy business leader, you will recognize this and use it to your advantage.

Truly effective leaders in the modern workplace embrace conscious leadership. They ask questions rather than look for answers. They empower the people they work with to know what they know and to choose according to that; even if their employees make ‘mistakes.’ And above all, effective leaders go where they are going even if no one follows or goes with them.

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