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Don’t Jump to Conclusions: Why Your Employees May Be Quiet Quitting

September 21, 2022

Via: HR Hero

Have you googled the term “quiet quitter” or “quiet quitting” recently? The sheer number of videos and other posts addressing it, analyzing it, complaining about it, lauding it, and advising on it on news sites and social media in the past 2 months is staggering.

Employees are upset that their coworkers have stopped pulling their weight. Companies are concerned about how the trend will impact productivity and planning. Analysts opine on the reasons behind the trend and suggest there are more accurate labels for it. Proponents cite reasons ranging from work/life balance to “stick it to the man.” Those who are against quiet quitting feel that if a worker is intentionally curbing his or her efforts, the worker is being dishonest and unfair to his or her coworkers and employer.

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