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CHROs eye new well-being benefits for 2024 amid declining engagement

March 28, 2024

Via: HR Dive

Workers, contending with cascading crises in the broader world, want more support from their employers in the form of well-being benefits, according to MetLife survey data published earlier this month. Financial well-being support and mental health support are particularly needed, […]


CHROs voice optimism about AI in HR

May 4, 2023

Via: HR Dive

These results come amid increased scrutiny by the federal government on the use of AI at work. Federal agencies as well as the White House have signaled an interest in examining and potentially regulating the tech, cautioning employers to take […]


FIFA hiring CHRO for World Cup 2026

October 11, 2022

Via: HRD America

After being plagued with issues of worker safety in this year’s edition of the World Cup, soccer’s international governing body FIFA is looking to hire a CHRO for FIFA World Cup 2026. As the first full-time executive of the 2026 […]


A warning to CHROs using AI tools: Governmental oversight may be coming

October 11, 2022

Via: Recruiting Headlines

Last week’s White House release of new guidelines for the use of AI tools in the workplace—dubbed the AI Bill of Rights—and New York City’s new law that mandates companies audit their AI tools for bias could have a profound impact on […]


How HR Professionals Can Create an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

October 10, 2022


Everyone wants to connect with HR professionals on LinkedIn. Recruiters, benefits managers, CHROs, trainers and generalists receive invitations to connect practically every day. But when a potential employee, hiring manager or colleague checks out your profile, will they be impressed […]

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The Smith-Rock Slap: HR to the Rescue!

April 1, 2022


Pretend you are the CHRO of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and you’re attending the Oscars award ceremony along with the Academy’s CEO. You witness Oscar nominee Will Smith slap presenter Chris Rock, and you say to […]

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Top HR Pro at PepsiCo Shares Her Pandemic Experience, Advice for New HR Pros

February 26, 2021

Via: HR Hero

Since the pandemic began, I’ve been wondering how HR personnel at large organizations have handled themselves, especially those who have a full complement of remote and frontline employees. It’s my pleasure to share with you all today a recent interview […]

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Developer Turned HR Brings Critical Skills to Bear

January 22, 2021

Via: HR Hero

There are so many paths to HR, and each brings with it a different set of strengths and skills that can complement the people-oriented role. Today’s guest began in IT as a developer. His time in that field has helped […]

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Employee relations teams turned to data in 2019

June 16, 2020

Via: HR Dive

Employee relations is an increasingly important HR discipline, judging by HR Acuity’s previous research of employee relations reporting structures. In 2018, the company’s benchmark study found that 34% of employee relations teams reported to a CHRO. In this year’s version […]

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6 Ways the Workplace Will Change in the Next 10 Years

August 20, 2019

Via: CEB

Current trends in business and technology show that the way employees work — where, when, why and with whom — will change completely over the next decade and bear little resemblance to work as it stands today. CHROs need to […]

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Tips from a CHRO: Creating a Robust Talent and Development Program with Purpose

May 8, 2019

Via: HR Hero

Let’s face it: The majority of us struggle when we first try something new. In careers and in life, hard work and determination are the keys to developing passion, purpose, and meaning. Finding meaningful work is essential to feeling fulfilled […]

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61% of CHROs say they’d leave for a better opportunity – but half have no replacement in line

March 26, 2018

Via: HR Dive

Organizations without a successor to fill top HR positions may need to take a second look at their leadership development programs. Strategic goals for recruiting, hiring, training and preparing workers for a digital workplace lack continuity if there’s no leadership […]

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Optimizing Departmental Collaboration Begins With the CHRO and CFO

January 23, 2018

Via: Spark

As organizations grow and expand, they often face two common hurdles: access to the required funds for growth and managing talent needs. These parallel issues make it imperative that the finance and HR teams are focused on successful department collaboration. […]

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The Automation of HR: Take Us to Your CHRO

November 9, 2017

Via: Workforce

Like past instances of human labor displacement that saw the automation of many factory jobs, white-collar executive positions are more likely to be automated in the near future. While it sounds scary, it presents a great leadership opportunity for HR. […]

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7 CHROs on Social Media You Must Follow Today

September 20, 2016

Via: Spark

Innovations and successes in human resources don’t occur in a vacuum. Instead, human resource executives network and learn from the successes and challenges of their peers to institute best-in-class practices. HR execs can glean valuable insights at industry conferences once […]