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Potential ADA Accommodations Abound, But a Few Declared ‘Unreasonable’

September 23, 2021

Via: HR Hero

There’s no exhaustive list of potentially reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Whether an accommodation is reasonable will depend on the unique circumstances of each instance, including the individual’s limitations and essential job functions.

Some accommodations, however, have been declared “unreasonable.”

3 Unreasonable ADA Accommodations

1. It isn’t reasonable to eliminate job’s essential functions.

An essential function is a “fundamental duty of the position.” It’s a central component of the job in question. When determining whether a function is essential, courts will typically consider (1) the identification of particular duties or functions in job descriptions or advertisements, (2) the amount of time spent performing the function, and (3) the number of employees available to perform it, among other factors.

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